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  • Heike Jenkins

Heike at Spring and Summer Festivals 2024

Dear Friends,

Spring is here and the colours are riveting.... I love this time of year! I celebrated my birthday in March and I am looking forward to the Summer Solstice event at the Ancient Technology Centre on the 22.06.24.

We love our circles in the Roundhouse, the magic is in the name – we are in a circle, in a setting that reminds of ancient times, everyone with an instrument, be it drums or rattles, shakers or boomwackers, we play in rhythm... we play loud and we chime quietly.... we watch the flames and embrace the atmosphere, heighten the vibe with our voices...

The stories are wonderful and having had the pleasure of playing with so many at the Ancient Tech has been a joy over the years! Shona will be with me again, her voice is better than mine but I can sing loud... and so will you hopefully – feeling blessed to be there again on Saturday 22.6.2024 . May the sky be clear and light, the vibes high and merry.

Before that date, I am pleased to facilitate at the Big Freezone Festival – 30th of May to 2nd of June.

and I am really looking forward to facilitating at the "Sounds Beautiful Festival" with a subject matter close to my heart, the music and sounds will be awesome, and it is local to me! Dates are 27th -30th of June.

If you like the pan and the beautiful sounds they make, check out Hangout UK Festival, starting 5th September near Guildford, one of my favourite festivals.

In fact this coming weekend 24-27th May we shall be at the Great Dorset Summer Camp of Musical Merriment, it is a small festival organised by the Hangout team and as it is our first festival of the year. We are excited and I cannot wait !

Enjoy Spring, be merry and keep all chins up !

With Love

Heike x



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