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Training & 

Since starting the drum circles in 2011, I have continued to attend training weekends and workshops.

The initial training with Arthur Hull “Village Music Circles” - Community Building Through Rhythm - in Dorset in 2011, lead to many more weekends in Scotland which I attend most years since then and a week training at the “Hawaii Playshop” in 2015.


This makes me a drum circle facilitator. I use the training with all my groups - abled, disabled, special needs, virtuoso drummers or percussionists – makes no difference when playing together.

Also loved the training in 2015 with Dr. Rod Paton for ‘Lifemusic’, making me competent to run workshops using the Lifemusic Method within social, therapeutic, healthcare and community music settings.

There Is Always
More to Explore!

In November 2017 I did a training with Simon Faulkner for Rhythm2Recovery Professional Development program – utilising Rhythmic Music and Cognitive Reflection in support of personal development. A brilliant learning which has been very useful with many of my groups.

In May 2018 and 2019 I attended a workshop “Music Medicine” weekend with Christine Stevens – The Science and Spirit of Healing Yourself with Sound. I loved it. She is one of my heros in the sound and rhythm world and I learned so much. I am sure to attend another.


In between the trainings, I generally love attending other drum events, meeting with fellow facilitators at The Wee drum gathering in Ireland or Scotland – or this April 2018 the International Seattle Rhythm Festival which will be fun and informative.

There is always more to explore!

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